Work Readiness

JA creates skill-building opportunities that enable young people to find meaningful, productive careers.


JA designs experiences that spark the entrepreneurial spirit and teach the practical day-to-day skills required to run a viable, long-term business.

Financial Literacy

JA provides practical training in budgeting, spending, investing, and the responsible use of credit.

JA Europe covers all levels of education ensuring progression in entrepreneurship education from primary school to higher education. The ‘JA Student Experience’ and ‘JA Education Pathway’ prescribe continuous development of learning outcomes for entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy to be acquired by students throughout their education.




JA Company Program

Since its launch in 1919, the Company Programme has been teaching students how to take a business idea from concept to reality. They form their own real enterprise and discover first-hand how a company functions. They elect a board of directors from amongst their peers, raise share capital, and market and finance a product or service of their own choice. At the end of the programme they present a report and accounts to their shareholders.

Duration: one educational year​
2 hours per week
Age: 15-18 years




for Success

JA Economics for Success

Economics for Success explores personal finance and students’ education and career options based on their skills, interests, and values. It also demonstrates the economic benefits of staying in school. Through a series of six interactive lessons, presented by a business volunteer, students aged 13 to 15 gain an understanding of their role in the society and the economy as consumers, employees, taxpayers, investors and borrowers. Using this knowledge, the students will then be able to apply their knowledge of personal finance to comprehend their needs and wants and make strong financial management decisions regardless of income.

6 lessons
Age: 12-15 years





JA Our Community​

The Our Community programme is a fun and interactive series of 5 lessons presented by a business volunteer in school to a whole class. Pupils aged 8-10 are led through a discovery of how people and businesses operate within a community. They assess the needs and wants of communities and set about taking responsibility for a community they have designed through voting in a decision-making activity.

5 lessons
Age: 8-10 years




for Success

JA Tools for Success

JA Tools for Success introduces students to work and career readiness skills and other concepts and thought processes needed to prepare for the digital economy. Students learn work-ready skills needed to interact, build relationships, and exhibit self-awareness through the lens of their own values, skills, and interests.

5 modules
Age: 13-15 years





Project Management Module

This eLearning module about Project Management is designed to walk you through the project management processes and to teach you the skills and concepts of project management that can be applied to any project.

5 modules
Age: 15-18 years





Job Shadow Day

JA Career Shadow day is an academically motivating activity designed to give kids an up-close look at the world of work and to answer the question, “Why do I have to learn this?”
JA Career Shadow Day kicks off traditionally on Ground Hog Day, and continues throughout the school year as students across America “shadow” workplace mentors as they go through a normal day on the job. However, we need firms to invite students monthly to engage in Career Shadowing.

2 lessons
Age: 13-18 years




My Finances

The main aim of My Finances is to prepare students for effective management of their finances nowadays and in the future using electronic sources of information. My Finances is the proposal for an innovative way of teaching financial education.

10 modules
Age: 15-19 years





It's My Business

A It’s My Business!® helps students aged 13 to 15 learn about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship while providing a strong focus on social studies, reading, and writing skills. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking to learn entrepreneurial skills that support positive attitudes as they explore and enhance their career aspirations.

6 sessions
Age: 13-15 years





Girls Go Circular

The Girls Go Circular Project aims to equip schoolgirls across Europe with digital and entrepreneurial skills through an online learning programme about the circular economy. The online learning platform developed in the framework of the project – the “Circular Learning Space” – offers students the option of choosing between different learning modules on topics like e-waste, climate change, food, or robotics. These modules are based on a learning-by-doing approach, transferring knowledge and skills through an interactive, challenge-based structure. The project targets primarily girls but it is open to any learner!

10 lessons
Age: 14-19 years


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